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CNC & conventional shaping production of metal goods

Let me shortly present the company EPTechnics. Our company was established in 2007 as a family based firm. We become a Ltd. in year 2010. Our profile is engineering and producing of cold-profiled tools, die-casting tools and other different metal goods. We are shaping a wide range of dimensions.
We have our workshop in Štúrovo(Slovakia), we have at the moment 16 employees. We have some new machines and some conventional shaping machines, those machines and our experiences can guarantee the high quality of our products. Near precision part shaping we can provide our customers with fitter’s services like welding TIG and MIG, metal sheet and pipes bending. We work on the base of technical drawings, samples, 3D models and we use heat and surface treatments at the request of the customer. When it’s needed we can prepare the 2 and 3D documentation of the parts or tools. To machining and programming we are using CAD/CAM system. From point of view of delivery times we are flexible.

I believe we can cooperate successfully in future!

Dipl. Ing. Peter Engel

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